• Bullion Cest

Custom Bullion Patches

  • Individually hand-made
  • Gold and silver toane wire beads
  • Choice of silk, velvet, and felt materials
  • Low 12-piece minimum

Bullion Crests are individually hand made by skilled artisans. They are made from gold and silver toane wire beads with inlayed silk, felt, velvet, as well as twill and embroidery threads. They may be sewn directly to a jacket, but also are available with optional attachments, which allow for placement to a jacket by means of butterfly clasps or velcro. They are without a doubt the ultimate in emblems!

LETTERING: Embroidery thread
DESIGN: Silver/Gold wire beads
(Black shield is felt, and red elements are embroidery thread)

BACKGROUND: Twill Fabric
LETTERING: Gold wire beads
DESIGN: Silver and gold wire beads, Red embroidery thread. Brown and blue elements are twill fabric)

BACKGROUND: Twill Fabric
BORDER: Outer border is felt, inner border is gold bullion wire
LETTERING: Red embroidery thread and silver bullion wire
(Other design elements are twill fabric and thread)