Enter your patch dimensions

To determine the size of your patch, average its two dimensions (width + height divided by 2)

For example, a patch 4" wide and 5" high would be considered a 4.5" patch.

PREFERRED FILE FORMATS: cdr, ai, eps, pdf, svg, psd
WE WILL ACCEPT: jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp, doc, ppt, xls
If sending a vector file: Please remember to embed fonts or convert to curves/outlines. If you do not know how to do this, please provide the name of the fonts used in your graphic above.

A simple idea stated in bold graphics makes for a better design than many small details.

You can submit your logo or finished artwork for production. If you're having any problems, our sales department can advise you on the best way to send your files.

Shape 1 - Square
Shape 2 - Circle
Shape 3 - Diamond
Shape 4 - Triangle
Shape 5 - Tombstone
Shape 6 - Horizontal Rectangle
Shape 7 - Vertical Rectangle
Shape 8 - Horizontal Oval
Shape 9 - Vertical Oval
Shape 10 - Shield
Shape 11 - Maltese
Shape 12 - Closed Maltese
Shape 13 - Circle with Rockers
Shape 14 - Rocker
Shape 15 - Shield
Shape 16 - Airborne
Shape 17 - Shield
Shape 18 - Shield
Shape 19 - Shield
Shape 20 - Shield

Choose Your Shape Above

Below are some shape suggestions for your custom patch. You may choose from one of them or specify your own.

You are not limited to the shapes above. If you would like a different shape, simply leave this section blank.

Embroidery under 100 percent

In the example above, the blue fabric background is the base of the patch, which is partially covered by the embroidered dog and text.

Full embroidery

In the example above, the patch is 100% covered by thread, and none of the fabric (base) of the patch can be seen.

Merrowed Border

Merrowed is the most common type of border, and is wrapped around the entire patch. Merrowed borders are always 1/8" thick, regardless of overall patch size

Diecut Border

Diecut borders are cut to the shape of the patch, and are commonly reserved for more complex shapes, although any patch can technically have a diecut border.

Thick BlockMilitary
Condensed BlockSporty
Standard SerifFuturistic
Fancy SerifTechnical
Old EnglishChildish
Common BikerFunky
Biker SerifStandard Script
Supplying own font / finished artwork
No Backing Plastic
Iron-On Peel & Stick
Velcro (1 side) Velcro (2 sides)

Choose your backing above

  • PLASTIC: Adds stiffness and allows you to sew your patch onto any article of clothing or accessory
  • IRON-ON: allows you to iron on your design with a home iron
  • PEEL & STICK: for a special event, attach your patch to clothing immediately, without ironing
  • VELCRO: replace or rotate your patch easily

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